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AUSTRAL Electronics is a high-tech consulting and engineering company specializing in the design of electronic, robotic and acoustic systems for all types of ships and marine drones, Oceanography, Survey and renewable marine energy.

AUSTRAL Electronics offers its know-how to serve man and the ocean through products and engineering services.
Our vocation is to support major accounts and innovative SMEs and competition sailing teams.
We intervene at the request of our customers, for missions of expertise and technical assistance, in integrated team or not, of more or less duration, and this on the various fields of expertise of Austral Electronics going from a specific problem to be solved until the whole cycle of conception and realization of their products. We operate throughout the design cycle, from the blank sheetto the integration and final validation of the system.

Boost your connected boats or marine robotics projects

Do you have a marine IOT project, a drone, a foiler flight control or an intelligent autopilot project ?

We can help you reduce costs and delays and respond to the growing complexity of systems with intelligent solutions.

Discover the Quantum rapid development platform and the Esprit motion controller. The technology offered is :

  • At the cutting edge of technology and business requirements.
  • Highly agile and intuitive, and therefore easily adaptable to your specific needs, either as a service provider or even by your team.
  • It can be used from a demonstrator to a mass-produced product.