THUNDERBALL H7 OEM : Industrial & Marine Rugged IP67 Calculator / IoT Gateway – STM32H7 Ecosystem

Ultra-small form factor, Hard Real-Time & Robust platform for Industry, Marine, & Drones

Industrial & Marine Rugged waterproof IP67 Calculator / IoT Gateway using the STM32 Ecosystem

Key Features

The Thunderball H7 OEM is a high-performance microcontroller-based SWaP-C platform : Industrial with a wide temperature range, marinized IP67, miniaturized and very lightweight (Only 165g), very low power consumption, cost-effective.
It integrates a powerful 32 bits ARM with DSP&FPU, many Industrial, Marine, and Transportation field buses, Galvanic isolation, Protections, Watchdog, RTC with GNSS Time synchronisation, a huge possible storage for your datalogs (uSD card).

  • Field Interfaces with M12 & Binder 620 Connectors:
    • Ethernet: HTTP/FTP server, Modbus TCP, Profinet, ETherNet/IP, BACnet, OPC-UA, MQTT, DDS, Websocket, ZMQ, UDP, TCP, NMEA OneNet…
    • CANbus : NMEA2000, J1939, CANopen…
    • 5x Isolated Serials:
      • 1x RS232 (4 Wires)
      • 4x RS485/Modbus RTU Half Duplex / RS422 Full Duplex / NMEA0183(-HS) / RS232 Rx Only…
    • GNSS PPS Input (Using RS232 CTS)
    • Options :
      • FD-CAN (8Mb/s)
      • 4x Isolated In/Out Synchro
  • Cables: Available on the shelf (Profinet & NMEA2000 standard cables)
  • Development interfaces:
    • JTAG/SWD
    • USB-C : Bootload, uSD acces


  • Make it fast and pro: Build your next smart project operating in hostile environment choosing a ready-to-use rugged platform and the professional STM32 + Visual Code ecosystem.
  • Robust: Minimizes the probability of failure and facilitates the design of safety-critical system:
    • Harsh environment design: Industrial high temperature components, galvanic isolation, vibration-proof conception, sealing, fan less…
    • Eliminates maintenance and instability Linux problems.
    • STM32H7 built-in safety features:
      • Dual Low latency watchdogs with very low reboot time.
      • Non-volatile memories with integrity checking (Dual bank FLASH, High endurance FRAM).
      • Memory protection unit (MPU) to enhance application security.
    • Compatible with (pre-)certified safety-critical software solutions:
      • X-CUBE-STL: Software (IEC 61508 SIL 2/3)
      • X-CUBE-CLASSB: Household Electrical Appliance (UL/CSA/IEC 60730-1 / 60335-1 Class B)
      • SafeRTOS®: Software (IEC 61508-3 SIL 3), Industrial ( IEC 61508-1,-3,-4), Automotive (ISO 26262 -2,-6,-8), Medical (FDA 510(k), IEC 62304), Aerospace (DO178C)
      • EmbOS-Safe: Industrial (IEC 61508), Medical (IEC 62304 Class C), Automotive & Aerospace (MISRA-C:2012)
  • Hard Real-Time: Achieves performance unattainable with a Preempt RT Linux:
    • A bare-metal or RTOS architecture allows to obtain guarantee of latencies and execution.
    • Low boot time
    • Ultra-low interruptions latency (down to 48ns)
    • Easily reach a 1Khz frequency for your calculation, control or acquisition loops.

The Thunderball H7 OEM allows you to build your next smart project rapidly using a connected platform based on the powerful STM32H743 ARM MCU running at 480Mhz. It is the ideal solution for a hard real-time and robust systems with browser-based remote displays and operating in harsh environments. If a high level of integration is required, the bare electronic board can also be integrated into your system.

Hardware Specifications



The Thunderball H7 OEM is designed for SWaP-sensitive, robust and real-time applications using remote HMI. It will be embedded into a third-party system in a harsh environment, like wearable edge computing, boats, vehicles, drones, machines, outdoor and underground platforms… and for a wide range of use cases:

  • Interfacing : sensors, actuators, PLCs, mission computer…
  • Datalog : Data collection, Black box…
  • Dashboard : HTML5 dashboard on all browsers and Industrial or marine Multifunction Displays.
  • IoT gateway : Marine IoT, IIoT, Cloud IoT…
  • Marine : Autopilot, Attitude control, Foiler Flight Control System, Wind calculation…
  • Drones / Robotics : ROS2 Client node, Command control, Guidance…
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) : Fleet management, Asset tracking, Machine monitoring, Energy Management, Security systems…
  • Automation : Building, boat and transportation automation, Climate control…

Sectors : Marine, Industry 4.0, Drones, Robotics, Off-Highway Vehicles, Smart Farming …

Examples of use

INTERFACE / DATA COLLECTION / CLOUD IOT: Connect and log your sensors and actuators using a rugged waterproof and Ready-to-Use IIoT / micro-ROS / CANBus / Modbus Gateway
SUPERVISE: Design advanced Web UI Dashboard with Mongoose for STM32
IIOT SYSTEM: Create a rugged MQTT Client node
MARINE / VEHICULES / FARMING: Build an NMEA2000/J1939 Gateway
ROBOTICS: Build a rugged ROS2 Client Nodes with micro-ROS for STM32
SIGNAL PROCESSING / CONTROL SYSTEM: Port your MATLAB algorithms to a rugged embedded platform with SIMULINK Code Generation for STM32

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : Generate optimized code for STM32 with STM32cube.AI
OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVINESS : User friendly remote dashboards with Mongoose or FreeRTOS+Websocket on Phone, Tablet, PC, Marine HTML5 MFD

Software Support & Services

We provide with the product an SDK that allows you to save a few weeks of training, experimentation and research in the forums.

AUSTRAL Electronics in partnership with LINATSEA can also accompany you in your software development : Zephyr RTOS, OTA update, Micro-ROS, Protocol integration (NMEA2000, J1939…), IoT (Cloud, MQTT..), Web page (Websocket, Mongoose web UI, PyScript, WebAssembly…).


GitHub repository link

  • Development tools: Visual Code, GCC, make, Git, STM32CubeMx, FreeRTOS, LwIP, ST-LINK/V2…
  • Template: CubeMx code generation for the configuration of peripherals, Very simple Web UI, Serials, Bootload, CANbus …
  • Tutorial: Dev tools, CubeMX pinout & configuration, USB Bootload…
STM32CubeMonitor : Create in minutes a dashboard to monitor your variables at run-time


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Product Informations & Hardware services

This product can be sold by unit or in volume and is designed to fit to your needs (SD-card, logo…). We can also provide the cables.
It can be easily customized with your company’s visual for low volume (your logo with a white or blue backlight, colors, marking…).

AUSTRAL Electronics is a design office, we can support you on your specific needs in electronics, embedded computing, specific RTOS, certification…

Product Status

PCB Revision 002
Introduction Q1 2022
Life Cycle Phase Active
Expected EOF 2032

Stock, Pricing & Ordering

Do you need also a JTAG adapter cable for ST LINK V2, Ethernet/CANbus/Serial Cables (1m, 2m, 3m… ) ?

Austral Electronics part number (P/N) specifies the options available.

P/N template : 200-004-(1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)

Indicative 100-unit price start at 499€ (Updated according to batches Contact us) for the basic configuration : P/N 200-004-002-N-N-NY-N

FeaturesOptionsP/N codeAdd ( € )
(1) PCB Revision002
(2) Datalog uSD not deliveredN0
32GB Extreme Pro uSD 3215
32GB Indus. High Endur. uSD32I66
64GB Extreme Pro uSD 64 23
64GB Indus. High Endur. uSD (1920TBW) 64I144
128GB Extreme Pro uSD 12828
Up to 1TB Extreme Pro uSD Contact us
(3) OptionsN
4x Isolated Synchros4SContact us
(4) EnclosureDefault : Black Nylon PA12NY0
Aluminium, Anodized BlueALContact us
(5) Pre Installed Soft USB Bootloader ImageN0
Client image (Init Flash/Fram/uSD)CIContact us
OtherTBDContact us

Prices are specified in Euros. Prices are periodically updated according to variations in component costs. Prices are subject to change without advance notice.

Pricing is specified for 100-unit orders. In order to calculate the price for another quantity, multiply the unit price (with selected options added) by the factor listed in the table below: