Quantum CM4 OEM – Industrial & Marine Rugged IP67 Mission Computer / IoT Gateway – Raspberry PI compatible

Rugged ultra-small form factor computer compatible with the Raspberry PI ecosystem for professional use in the Industry, Marine & Drones

For new designs we recommend the Xplorer product line

Quantum CM4 OEM – Enclosure version full anodized aluminium blue

Key Features

The Quantum CM4 is a SWaP-C platform : Cost-effective, Industrial, marinized IP67, -20 to +60/65°C temperature range, miniaturized, very lightweight (only 212g), very low power consumtion, fanless…

It integrates a powerful quad core ARM processor, many Industrial, Marine, and Automotive field buses, Galvanic isolation, Protections, Watchdog, RTC with GNSS Time synchronisation, Wireless and a huge storage for your datalogs.

  • Field Interfaces :
    • M12 Connectors : Cables available on the shelf
    • Wireless : WIFI, Bluetooth, BLE
    • Ethernet : Modbus TCP, Profinet, ETherNet/IP, BACnet, OPC-UA, MQTT, DDS, Websocket, ZMQ, UDP, TCP, NMEA OneNet…
    • 2xCANbus : NMEA2000, J1939, CANopen…
    • 3xSerials : RS232, RS485, RS422, Modbus RTU, NMEA0183…
    • Internal mini PCIe expansion slot : USB2.0, SPI, GPIOs
  • Hardware expansion flexibility :Contact us
  • Easy software installation and the support of the community :
    • Any OS : Linux (Pre-installed), VxWorks, Windows IoT…
    • Any frameworks : Robotics (ROS, ROS2, MOOS-IvP), PLC (CoDeSys), IoT (Node-Red), AI (TensorFlow, PyTorch)…
    • Any languages : C/C++/Qt, Python, JS, Rust, Java, C#, Go…


  • Go Fast : Makes it as easy as possible to build your next smart project operating in hostile environment with a solution 100% COMPATIBLE WITH THE RASPBERRY PI ECOSYSTEM, designed for professional use, suitable for real-time applications and browser-based remote displays.
  • Shrink your team and schedule :  Focus on your core business by using a yet proven rugged hardware and a mainstream software solution. Develop from day one and take advantage of the support and examples of the largest developer community.
  • Hardware flexibility : Choose the memory, the storage, the WIFI option from a single unit. We can customize the expansion board, put your logo or add functionality for very low volumes. If a high level of integration is required, the Quantum CM4 bare electronic boards can also be integrated into your system (only 20g).
  • Develop at warp speed with free tools : Connect an instrument to the cloud, datalog, make a web live data dashboard, troubleshoot… in minutes and accessible to all !!!. it’s possible. If it is suitable for your application, you can freely use Red Capet – IoT Software Suite, our fast system integration solution based on Node-RED visual flow creator, which offers you a library of nearly 4000 nodes to connect everything.


The Quantum CM4 OEM is designed for ITAR-free, SWaP-sensitive and real-time applications using remote HMI. It will be embedded into a third-party system in a harsh environment, like wearable edge computing, boats, vehicles, drones, machines, outdoor and underground platforms… and for a wide range of use cases:

  • Interfacing sensors, actuators and PLCs
  • Data collection, Black box
  • Marine IOT, IIOT, Cloud
  • IA, Robotics, Command control, Guidance
  • Asset tracking, Machine monitoring, Energy Management
  • Building, boat and vehicle automation, Security systems, Climate control
  • HTML5 Multifunction Displays Dashboards, Voice Assistant

Sectors : Marine, Industry 4.0, Drones, Robotics, Off-Highway Vehicles, Smart Farming …


Quantum CM4 OEM – Hardware specifications and installation guide

Software support

Quantum CM4 OEM – Software Support


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This product can be sold by unit or in volume and is designed to fit to your needs (memories, wireless, antennas, expansion board functionality). We can also provide the cables.
It can be easily customized with your company’s visual for low volume (your logo with a white or blue backlight, colors, marking…). The Black Urethane enclosure version is 3D printed in-house and offers a very flexible solution.

Austral electronics is a design office, we can support you on your specific needs in electronics, embedded computing, specific Linux, certification…

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Quantum CM4 OEM enclosure in anodized aluminium & Black Urethane

Product Status

PCB Revision 001 002
Introduction Q4 2021 Mid 2022
Life Cycle Phase Active Intro
Expected EOF 2028 2028

Stock, Pricing & Ordering


Austral Electronics part number specifies the options available.

P/N template : 200-003-(1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(6)

100-unit price start at 499€ for the minimal configuration : P/N 200-003-001-N-2-N-N-N-DH

FeaturesOptionsP/N codeAdd ( € )
(1) PCB Revision0010
Add miniPCIe slot002 2
(2) WIFI/BLEnoN0
Yes, internal antennaI7
yes, with external antennaE12
(3) RAM1GB (same price as 2GB)10
(4) Storage uSD version & not deliveredN0
16GB EMMC 16E13
32GB pro uSD 3215
32GB Indus High Endur. uSD32I66
32GB EMMC32E20
64GB pro uSD 64 23
64GB Indus High Endur. uSD (1920TBW) 64I144
128GB pro uSD 12828
Up to 1TB pro uSD Contact us
(5) miniPCIe boardNoneN0
& antennaLora LOContact us
SigFoxSFContact us
ZigbeeZBContact us
XbeeXBContact us
ZwaveZWContact us
4G/LTE4GContact us
NB-IoTNIContact us
Iridium SBDISContact us
SpaceX Swarm XSContact us
Kineis KI2023
Other (IA, storage…) TBDContact us
(6) EnclosureAnod. Alu. & Black Nylon (60°C)NY0
Anod. Alu. & Black Urethane (60°C)UR10
All Aluminium, Anodized Blue (65°C)BLQ3 2022
(7) Pre Installed Soft NoneN0
Debian Headless DH5
OtherTBDContact us

Prices are specified in Euros. Prices are periodically updated according to variations in component costs. Prices are subject to change without advance notice.

Pricing is specified for 100-unit orders. In order to calculate the price for another quantity, multiply the unit price (with selected options added) by the factor listed in the table below: