Marine IoT, connected boat, Marine Renewable Energy

From 2021, isolated objects will be connected to the Internet at high speed and therefore also to each other via Starlink, continuously and at low cost.
The existing satellite and radio communication systems will quickly become obsolete and this will open, for all, a field of new uses and new applications, for example :

  • Remote regulatory visual and auditory surveillance of level 4 and 5 autonomous vessel
  • Fleet management (Monitoring, Logistics, Remote assistance, Corrective and preventive maintenance, Expertise/Struck bottom…)
  • Monitoring (ships, renewable marine energies, lighthouses and beacons)
  • Big Data (Fisheries resources, Oceanographic measurements, Optical and acoustic monitoring systems…)
  • Asset Tracking (Container, Buoys and drift nets…)
  • Machine to Machine’ Safety (Drifting objects/Growler, Autonomous anti-collision, Rescue…)
  • Continuous weather routing
  • Voice assistance and onboard automation

The needs for monitoring and automation at sea are immense :

  • Navigation, Logbook, Incidents
  • Security
    • Detectors (fire, water, gas…)
    • Pumps (dewatering, transfer, fire…)
    • Black box
    • Cameras
    • Depth sounder
  • Main lights, Headlights
  • Thrusters, Generators
  • Energy
  • Comfort
  • Levels (Consumption, Tanks, Ballasts, Desalinization…)
  • Refrigeration
  • Winches
  • Specific needs (ships of the future, hybrid propulsion…)

Austral, adapts the most relevant software solutions for the worlds of the connected home and car as well as the Internet of Things.
And continuously enriches, in its Quantum platform, the software and hardware interfaces to the main sensors, actuators and PLCs of the market.
The integrated data logger is powerful and open to any new data output with very visual recording analysis tools.
The robotics and artificial intelligence modules facilitate the realization of specific automations, from the simplest to the image analysis.
Interfaces are decentralized: at the helm, on distributed ruggedized displays, as well as on a cell phone from home or the office.

Quantum is the ideal platform to quickly create a cutting-edge solution to your needs today :

  • Low-cost connected, anywhere, anytime.
  • Dashboards : monitoring, control, alarm, maintenance…
  • Voice interface.
  • Customized automation.
  • Black box.
  • And much more..

Austral wants to become a major player in the Internet of marine objects and is working in this direction through its Quantum computer.

We offer you the equipment and services to accompany you in this revolution of the connected boat.