Our vocation is to support competition sailing teams, large accounts and innovative SMEs.
We intervene at the request of our customers, for missions of expertise and technical assistance, in integrated team or not, of more or less duration, and this on the various fields of expertise of Austral Electronics going from a specific problem to solve until the whole cycle of conception and realization of their products.
We operate all along the design cycle, from the white sheet (definition of the hardware and software architecture) to the integration and the final validation of the system.

Technical expertise

AUSTRAL Electronics can intervene at any time on the customer’s site for technical expertise missions of varying lengths, depending on the level of expertise required.
AUSTRAL Electronics helps its customers with difficult problems that require a quick and efficient response.

Technical assistance

You are looking for a complementary resource or a specific skill for a mission, Austral Electronics intervenes remotely or on customer site for Technical Assistance missions, in integrated team or not.

Product design

You have the idea, AUSTRAL Electronics can design your product, from the demonstrator to the industrialized and qualified turnkey product.

Areas of expertise

Austral is a start-up company with 30 years of experience in fields as varied as home automation, automotive, medical, marine and underwater electronics.

Our fields of expertise are of a wide spectrum:

  • System engineering
  • Hardware design
  • Software design
  • Command and control
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Product Engineering
  • Environmental Qualification

Our strengths

AUSTRAL Electronics responds to your cost and time objectives as well as to the growing complexity of systems with intelligent solutions that are unique on the market: the ‘Quantum’ and ‘Esprit’ rapid development platforms.

The proposed technology is :

  • At the cutting edge of technology and business requirements.
  • Its flexibility and simplicity of use make it very easily adaptable to your specific needs, in service or even by your team.
  • It can be used from a demonstrator to a mass-produced product.