Underwater acoustics

Austral offers you its expertise in the fields of signal processing and acoustics in liquids and in changing environments in order to accompany you for example in the following problems :

  • UFO detection
  • Sounder and sonar with classifying modulations and advanced signal processing (elastography, signal in noise…)
  • Sonar calibration
  • Ship noise
  • Acoustic image processing (echo characterization by deep-learning)
  • Acoustic positioning LBL, USBL (swarm navigation, docking)
  • Detection of buried objects (cables, mine warfare)
  • Doppler velocimetry DVL/ADCP or acoustic image processing (in situ measurement of flows at different distances)
  • Monitoring of cracks in composites
  • Bubbles and micro-bubbles :
    • In situ measurement of cavitation
    • Quality control of monolithic composites
    • Control of fermentation
    • Study of acoustic barriers
    • Study of decompression
  • Non-intrusive measurements by celerimetry and elastograph :
    • Chemistry : Control of mixtures
    • Nuclear safety : Boron meter without radioactive source